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Thread: camera advice

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    camera advice

    Im interested in getting a camera to take pics of surfing from beach. any advice on equipment will be helpful thank you. was looking at a canon dslr

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    not really wurth taykin pix uv wrongisland surf, but if u still wanna, what's ur price range? we'll go from here...

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    around 2- 3000. i was looking at a canon eos rebel i think and canon EF 100-400mm lense, but not sure if i need all that or if other things would be better for tsking pics from beach. camera will also be traveling too. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by kman View Post
    not really wurth taykin pix uv wrongisland surf, but if u still wanna, what's ur price range? we'll go from here...
    trust kman....... he's an expert on cameras

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    do you have any suggestions then solo surfer thanks

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    any DSLR will be a good starting point. The lens attachment will allow you to zoom in close enough from shore. Stick with cannon or nikon they are the most widely used which means there is a lot of stuff available. Do your research, and go to a camera store, not a best buy and hold, feel, try the camera before you by it. Make sure its comfortable and you can easily use the functions. If you haven't done so already take some photography courses or browse the web for ideas photography "assignments" it will help to open up the possibilities of the camera.

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    Definitiely stay away from Best buy and do NOT trust any online camera stores where their prices are drastically lower than the MSRP. If you live in NY go to B&H if you live in MA go to Calumet. I shoot with Nikon and love my camera. Your price range is good but realize when you get to upper level DSLRs there are no automatic modes so you need an understanding of the relationship between Aperature, Shutter Speed and ISO. If these terms sound greek I suggest going with a lower end DSLR to learn on. Your lenes matter more than your body and will go with you when you upgrade your body so do not cheap out on good glass. If I were in the market for a camera today I would be looking at the Nikon D700 or D300 depending on budget. If money is no option I would go with the D3 but that is no starter camera. In reality the D700 and 300 are not starter cameras either.

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    A great starter body is the Canon 7D... it has a reasonably fast motor drive, a good image processing engine and wont set you back a fortune. The lens is what will set you back the bank... shooting from the beach generally requires 400 mm or longer. You might get away with using a 100-400 mm, though that lens isn't super sharp. You will also want to shoot off of a tripod...it all adds up in a hurry.

    Otherwise think about getting a housing and swimming... way more fun than hanging on the beach.



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    RID makes a great point..I shot Nikon while in the Navy as a photojournalist. I would find a refurbished body and save your money for long glass..look up the sunny 16 rule, that will help with manual exposure..

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    There are so many variables that go into making the choice of which camera to buy and given that money doesn't seem to be the big issue, I'll give my personal experiences and you'll have some options available. I started with a simple Pentax DSLR and a typical 70-300 lens to see if it was something I might want to really get into. It does take some time to play with the different settings and figure out what your doing, but thats the big plus to digital photography, you can easily delete. I have since upgraded to the Canon 60d with a 70-200 2.8 and it's an incredible set-up, I also shoot from the beach and I'm considering adding the 2x extender but for Ocean City it's not really needed.
    If you're like me and live a good distance away from quality camera stores then you have to rely on the web for information, I used dpreview.com to do a side-by-side comparison before making my choice, you also want to look into which camera will have the extras you might want later, like a battery grip and additional lenses. As for which lenses to get, yes the good lenses can be expensive but I rented the 70-200 2.8 from borrowlenses.com to shoot The Dew Tour last summer and after using it, I had to get one! There are some good camera stores like B&H and Adorama that have stores on eBay as well as good websites. You can always check the camera manufacturers sites because sometimes they will have great deals on refurbished equipment as well as packages. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to send me a direct question to my inbox, Ive found some photographers don't like to help people that are starting out and I have no problem lending information.
    I know that was a lot to digest but it was really just the tip of the iceberg of what I wanted to write.