Hey, so I have been riding pretty much thruster (3fin) setups. One of my boards has a 5 fin setup. I ride it primarily as a thruster. I did ride it as a quad during some decent hurricane leftover surf... maybe chest high, good power. I found it to be very very fast, but the bottom turn, it would squirt out on me. So I went back to the thruster setup.

Now I would like to try it again as a quad.. but no surf so I cant experiement, leading to my post here... here is what my question is as Im not really a fin expert.
The fins that came with my board are fcs M7 (all 3) for the thruster setup. along with 2 M3 fins to use as the smaller 2 in the quad set up. I recently got JW-1 fins (for free!) which is a Thruster set(3fins). They have more surface area to them then the M3. I wondering if mixing 2 different types of fins together would be worth trying in the quad setup... the larger M7 that came with the board, and instead of the M3, use the JW-1 fins in place of them in the back. I guess I'd have to just try it to find out... but the M7and M3 are from the same performance range, just for different size surfers and the JW-1s are for different performace characteristics...

I guess soon enough I'll be able to give it a go... hopefully.