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    I've always loved Monks Café when I visit Philly.
    +1 On Monks Café, me and my buddies use to start out the when we going out in Philly for the night. If I was in a situation where I taking girl on a date that is a great choice. It's small and I guess you could say cozy with a small back dining room, they have killer beer selection on tap and most likely wine too for her if you guys drink. In never ate there but my Mom and her boyfriend go there I found out and he's into food and wine like we are into surfing.

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    Dalessandro's are legit, but they've been busted for using other meats besides beef. Seriously, in the late 90's they were shut down for using horse meat.

    If you want to look like a tourist, go ahead order wiz (you can smear it all over your pop-out NSP or Bic LOLOLOLOLOL). But true Philly Cheesesteaks are made with American that is pre-melted and poured on. I honestly don't talk this much trash... but when it comes to cheesesteaks, people don't know what they are missing when they talk about the most popular places in Philly. Geno's, Jim's, Pat's... they all skimp on their products that they use (I swear Geno's uses Steak-Um right out of the box)... Like most things in life, you have to dig a little deeper past the mainstream flotsam to get to the good stuff. Steve's and Chink's and Tony Luke's. More expensive, a little harder to find, but more than worth it.

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    Go to La Viola


    Good little italian place. BYOB. Good first date spot. Take it from someone that is a philly local.

    As mentioned before, Continental Midtown is a nice spot with a cool atmosphere.

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    Morimotos on Chestnut St. Such a sick place.

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    if you wanna have fun go to the reading terminal market. theres something for everyone and you can tell her about how an episode of man v food was filmed there. bishes love famous spots.

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    Thanks again for all the info. Went to contiental midtown was pretty nice. Lucky for me there'e enough info here for the second date. BOOM!

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    Some good restaurant choices in Philly: (listed in no particular order)

    1. Audrey Claire (BYO) - 276 south 20th st. - get the pomegranate chicken and some heloumi

    2. L'Angelo (BYO) - 15th and Porter - small Italian restaurant with great food - small menu but great specials

    3. Mixto - 12th and Pine - cuban/spanish food - casual with decent food but easy going atmosphere and mojitos

    4. Bistro La Minette - 623 south 6th st. - very tasty french food but can be pricey - casual atmosphere

    5. Raw - 1225 sansom st. - awesome sushi

    6. Kanella (BYO) - 10th and spruce - Best Greek food in the city - I dont like greek food but i like this place alot

    7. Paradiso - 1627 east passyunk ave - Italian (BYO on Sundays only) great food semi-casual

    8. Barbuzzo - 110 south 13th st. - tough to get a reservation sometimes bc its small and good.

    9. Lolita - next door to barbuzzo - owned same people. portions kind of small but if i remember correctly you can bring your own bottle of tequila and they make you a Margarita pitcher

    10. Now I'm Hungry

    Hope this helps. I probably have a few more up my sleeve but I'm getting tired of thinking.

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    I was at Alma de Cuba a couple weeks ago...great food, little pricey, but the best part was the atmosphere- recommended
    its on walnut street between 16th and 17th

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    Second date! Our boy is on a roll...

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    Quote Originally Posted by biff22 View Post
    Second date! Our boy is on a roll...
    haha! beat me to it. get 'em homeboy.