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Thread: Gyms

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    P90x will only do so much. From my understanding it's just cardio which isn't bad. But if you want to bulk up and add muscle gyms the way to go. I pay 42 a month but go just about everyday so I get my money's worth. Just find a time when it's not too crowded and go for me it's 10 at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    spend $120 and get yourself P90X...I used to go to the gym and never saw the results I have seen with P90X and you can do it right at home. If you work out at a gym, chances are you'll be waiting for people to get done using equipment, during that time you end up cooling down and don't benefit fully from the workout. Just my $.02.
    I totally agree and are over gyms--I did P90X and thought it was great but I wasn't crazy about all the yoga thats mixed into the program so I recently got into "Insanity" workout DVDs--Hard core cardio, interval training-like football camp with tons of core work thats perfect for surfing.

  3. Ive had gym memberships, Ive done p90x, Ive done the running thing. P90X was the best workout I have ever gotten, however life gets in the way. What I suggest is get certain parts of the program, shoulders and arms, plyo, yoga, chest and biceps, etc and just do them when you get the chance. I have a pull up bar on my bathroom doorjam, and I do pull ups whenever im walking past it.

    I run if im bored, I go to the gym if my girlfriend feels like giving me a guestpass, and I do P90X workouts if I have the motivation to listen to Tony Horton. What it comes down to is stay active in your day to day, mix it up, and eat well. Dont waste your money on the gym if you can get a better workout for free around home