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Hell yea man. I need to make my way over to SD after I graduate from college. I'm a sop****re now so its not too far away!! I was talking with somebody who lives over there now and he said it hasn't been less than four feet for the past five weeks over there.....I haven't surfed anything over 4ft since october.......
VB sucks haha
Yeah, its been another consistent winter out here. Hasnt been below head high in weeks now. Hasnt gotten massive. A few DOH+ days, but mellow, head to overhead conditions with a ton of offshore mornings with the santa anas blowing. Weather has been crystal clear for over a month too. Finally got some rain and heavy winds this week. But pick and choose the right times each day and its been money. Not real crowded at all considering. Empty reef breaks all over when ive been out. Not an epic winter, but for sure consistent.