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    pavones , costa rica

    planning a trip to cr. ive been checking out lot of vids on youtube of the different breaks there.
    looks like pavones is the break id like to surf. so.... does anyone know of hotels , is it rough down there, any problems at all, please advise


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    Have not been there in a long time but it used to be and very well still may be remote as far as roads/accommodations. I am sure if you Google it, you can find places to stay, there used to be only 1 and no hotels.

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    is pavones near quepos?

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    Hopefully where there is swell
    Not as out of the way as it used to be. Lodging from cheap to really nice(wife friendly). A few places to eat , cheapest and best at the bar right near the break but she doesn't cook late. Don't fool yourself because it is so far out there that no one is there, it can get quite crowded but really fun chest high to DOH.

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    I have gone down to pavones as a day trip from Dominical area a few times. It's about 2.5 hours each way. Always worth it. The roads are pretty decent until you really get down near panama and you start seeing log bridges and cluster F*ck road signs. At chest high its about 4 or 5 peaks, above head and a half it connects from the point to the rivermouth. Do it.

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    Thats always been my dream wave. One day i will be there.

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    Went to Pavones in June for a few weeks...even without the wave, this place is magical. 5 1/2 hour drive from Jaco and its a awesome drive. Easy to get to because the road is paved MOST of the way till you get to Rio Claro. The last 1 - 1 1/2 is dirt/gravel. We stayed at the Villa Harmonia....Look for it on this web site: We were going to stay at the Castle de pavones but it caught on fire before we got there so Brad Foster (owner) put us up in the Villa Harmonia next door. Headin back this July. BEST DAM PLACE ON EARTH!!!! PM me if you want any additional info!
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    La Perla is a nice place to stay. Imperial has the right idea by going in July. It should be pumping in July and August.

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