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    yeah i would never think about bringing my phone into the water. I normally try to ignore as many texts and calls before i go surfing. Surfing is a way to escape reality
    As these cases get better and their reliability becomes established, for better or for worse, they're going to become common. By common, I mean just as ubiquitous as cell phones are out of the water now. Iíve only worn mine over this last weekend and I havenít hooked it up to a data carrier (I just donít wanna give up my droid); so itís acting solely as an MP3 player while I put it through its paces. I got a lot of different looks while I was out, the ol boys, includiní my Father-In-Law gave me the "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes" look. Cats in their 20ís and 30ís looked curious, but didnít blink; but you know who was absolutely salivating over this thing, every gremmie out there. I could see it in their beady, little eyes, they coveted this little number. That tells me all I gotta know, the kids want Ďem. Theirs is a generation that have been tied to cell/smart phones from pre-pubescence. For better or worse, this genieís out of the bottle and it ainít goin back in. These things are here to stay, better steel yourself to it. One big plus, if youíre like me and have to wear ear plugs because youíre prone to ear infection, at least thereís music to listen to now. I remember the first GoPro mount I ever saw, I thought it was the dumbest, damn thing Iíd ever seen and that the novelty would wear off soon. Hoo boy, was I wrong.

    Luckily, right now the cost is prohibitive. 60$ headphones, a 60$ or thereabouts case, another 60$ for the armband to keep it on (damn things too small!); then thereís the replacement cost of the phone itself when or if it becomes water damaged. So the 180-200$ initial cost plus the potential for the cost of a whole new phone, is going to keep a lot of people from using this tech, for a while anyway. That price point will inevitably come down. The early adopters will be people who need to be (or think that they need to be) in contact no matter what. Think Dr.ís, traders and lawyers Š la cellies in the early 90ís. Police, EMTs and firefighters might also be early benefiters, donít really know enough about how all that works to say one way or another. DBAís or Sys Admins are going to be getting on these with a fierceness. Thatís why Iím digginí on it. My office has called my wife reporting an issue Ďcause Iím surfiní and not answering my phone (luckily the CEO surfs too, so we have a pretty good work culture) and she has stood on the cliffs above my break, hootin and hollerin and waving her arms until I paddled in. That only happened once, but boy she was a little put out. A happy wife is good thing. In the long run though, itíll be like everywhere else, everybody yakkiní on their phone or updatiní their Facebook status in between sets. Sorry man, at least thereís a lot more breaks without cell coverage than there are with it.

    Come gather rouní people, where ever you roam
    And admit that the waters around you have grown
    And accept it that soon youíll be drenched to the bone
    If your time to you is worth saving
    Then you better start swimming or sink like a stone
    ĎCause the times they are a changiní
    ~ Dylan
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