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    Have never had shots for CR. Believe it or not, CR is not that buggy (mosquitoes that is). It is the small genus Anopheles that you need to worry about spreading malaria not the larger ones. The profalaxysis is Lariam (melfloquine) and trust me you do NOT want to take it, it is literally a nightmare. Almost wrecked a trip to Indo. Treatment if to do contract the disease is the same as prevention. Have fun and no worries. Bring lots of sun block!!!

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    Yeah man....no shots. You wont need it in CR. Lariam is some bad stuff. Stay away. You never know how it will affect you. Plus, there are alternatives like Doxycycline, and Malarone. Which have less psychiatric side effects than Lariam. Still though, I wouldn't be taking anything like this.

    Here's a read about it.

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    thanks for all the help guys. cant wait to go.

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    just sayin..

    spent a decent amount of time in CR. the first time I went I got dengue fever. fortunately I got in the last week or so i was there I didn't know it until I was back in the states and was immediately hospitalized. Doctors say i could have died if I was treated any later but i don't know about all that. All i know is that I got some of the best waves of my life. have a blast and if you're sleeping in a hostel that doesn't have all four walls make sure you got a bug net.
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