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I would prefer that,..I drew first blood.
I don't know what you would prefer? You lost me there.....Jeez I'm trying to be good. This guy is trying to make me bad. Jesus wants me good. I got one dude saying I posted a picture........I got one dude telling me to post a picture.....Whooaaa man, far-out dude. I might have to stop smoking wet to keep up ....cuase I'm just totally confused right now.

If you don't stop bothering me I will tell on you. ......that goes FOR ALL Y'ALL erwwnnnnn..ahhhhh.orrrrhhhhhhh.
For the record, I never start this crap. But I'd lose my Jersey cred if I gave into an argument with someone from Delaware.......I can't do that. I have a reputation on those streets. Jeez, if I take guff from a Delaware dude then the corner boys might start charging me sucker prices, ya know. I love Delaware...I really do. But I can't take no jive turkey from it. I just can't.

I used to hang out at the 7-11 downtown OCMD....right in front of the pay phones......I've seen Jay Reale at BB Bombers......and I said, "Oh hey what's up." Listen, I watch Hannah Montana too. There are signs that it's all coming to a drawl. God I hope I don't choke on my own vomit someday.......now, somebody else's vomit, that's just fine. I just want to be loved by the Swellinfo community.....ever since I was a children I told ma, "MA, I'm going be on Swellinfo someday." She'd pat my head and say, "Sure you will, Bill...sure you will." And I made it. I am on SWELLINFO.COM - the ultimate swell forecasting website. You will not take that away from me. "No matter what they take from me.....they can't take away my swellinfo dignity........"