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Thread: This Weekend??

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    Hahahah! So jokin'....

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    Aug 2010
    WOW... this thread is a complete joke- and so the swell- the forecast changed, knee high... now the waves really will be bigger on the susquehanna...
    ...Although I did enjoy that video from CR

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    This is what happens when there are no waves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motivated2surf View Post
    All the locals that I know never drop in on any one regardless of where they are from. We just expect the same in return.

    Wow. I can't disagree more with that line. I know so many locals who drop in on people like mad. I've been dropped in on myself a zillion times by locals.

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    It's official. We got ourselves a nor'easter boys!!

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    lol, its my fault. i kinda **** on this thread and it snowballed. relax guys... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodVibes View Post
    This is what happens when there are no waves.
    Totally true...we all need our fix, supply has been dry, tensions rise. And with that video people are gonna be strapped with machetes fighting over knee-high crap. I'm bummed too guys.

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    Thanks for some of the answers guys i appreciate it....and as for the ones who couldn't simply help a brothaa out and had to come up with some dumb *** remark, I'm livin my young years with a strong passion for surfing. Haven't surfed my whole life, (wish i did) so i don't know all the best spots. Reaching out to all of the other surfers in the area, who i know are also itching for that next good surf sesh, to get some feedback. "Its all about where your minds at." Enjoy good company, make friendships, share the waves, thats what its about. Don't be haters
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    --This kid is all class--i mean that. There are way too many ****heads on this forum who don't understand what sharing the stoke is all about. My advise is to stay in school and get a solid job in So Cal and forget about east coast waves all together.

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    I put all the blame on Damook if this swell blows. Damook needs water time, hes losing it. If it's thigh high i'll be stoked. STOKED. I JUST WANT TO DO THE HB HOP AND MAYBE TURN DIRECTION AND I WILL BE HAPPY.

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    I think I forgot how to pop up already... guaranteed my first wave I'll do a face-plant