HE's BACK!!! POSSIBLE SJB SIGHTING!!! OK...ok... So i'm reading the March issue Transworld Surf- the letters to editiors- pg 22- this guy rants on and on about how terrible surf mags are these days- and that there are never stories about traveling surfers... and I'm thinking- wow- this guys sounds just like SJB!!! Its the same kind of rant, words, and style of writing.... and the same format! lol- then I see the guys name: Bill from NJ!

funny enough- the editors conclusion is "There's always one of you. I'm very familiar with your type. You're an East Coast chest-beating kook that whines at the lack of 'true East Coast coverage' in the mags" haha

ironically SJB had a whole thread on here about the rise and fall of the surf mag....

no pic tho- so i don't know if it really happened... sorry ihatelongboards ... the the publication did!