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    When scrotal meat balls and tube steak aren't cutting it I'll pour a bag of Doritos into my suit. If itís really gnar, I stuff a couple lobsters in there.

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    I just want to say I respect Bubba for having the balls to say what everyone in this forum has been thinking all winter. I personally have not tried meatballs, but look forward to giving it a go. I think homemade lasagna works the best (none of that stouffers crap). My only word of advice is to stay away from microwaveable meals. I once stuffed an entire "Hungry Man" salisbury steak meal down my suit right out of the microwave and singed my ballsack. Still can't grow hair on my left

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    Yesterday was a cold one, tried something swedish meatball and one squirrel/buffalo meatball wrapped in week old boars head roast beef...thanks again for the advice, anyone else get innovative yesterday?

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    Yo Bubba I think you been hitting the Green bud too much. You need to stay off that shet!!!!

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    Where's the fukin meatballs?

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    doesnt anyone pee in their wetsuit anymore

  7. put spaghetti in your wet suit, but make sure it doesn't fall out of your pockets or ****s gonna get awkward real fast... and make sure you use whole wheat pasta *in the case that spaghetti falls out, quickly clean it up with your sock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    Deez avonsurfernc, deez...
    I second this statement.

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    the only meat balls in my wet suit are permanently attacted.....y'all are kooks

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