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    got it pretty fun in southern monmouth today. wasn't anything wild but it was nice to get a couple.

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    looked ****ty everywhere in mon con found a great little spot around 2pm very fun lefts, surprising size, and a few long rides

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    there was a shoulder high set every 20 minutes or so but it was pretty dumpy even with the offshore/side shore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wontonwonton View Post
    Monmouth was ok. Further south I went it got bigger and more angled lefts. Found a standout spot that was really working. Remember....... Long island is right there so there is so little fetch on NE up in MO CO.
    I couldn't go south to check it there today. I went out in a good wind protected spot in Southern Monmouth which was empty. The forecast scared people away and the road warriors weren't out. It wasn't great but fun after this flat spell with nothing in weeks. The waves were weak in period but still some fun lefts on the groveler. Just a long wait between the larger sets.