5'9" x 21 1/2" x 2 3/8" Chris Christenson Ocean Racer - his mini simmons design. This is what he says: http://www.christensonsurfboards.com...ame=oceanracer

This board has many features from my fish design; low rails, belly in the nose, single concave thru the fin region, and low rocker. The round nose offers more paddling power to keep the board short as possible for performance. The step in the nose displaces the volume out of the wide plan shape to make the board lighter, more flexible, and more responsive. The dual marine ply fins offer drive and hold with positive buoyancy. The straight back and rounded corners of the tail offer more release in the pocket than other fish designs.

The board has one ding that happened in shipment from the factory to the shop where I purchase it and was professionally repaired before the board ever saw the water. Otherwise, there are some minor pressure dents from a few sessions. The board has a volan deck patch and is stringerless. Its a blast to ride but too small for me at 200lbs now. I'd recommend it for someone from 160 - 190. Asking $550.

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