Ive had a limestone based Matuse for several years and love it. Takes in no water and dries in no time at all.

Recently shopped for a 4/3 and noticed that both the Rip Curl E-Bomb and the Xcel Infinity say "made from limestone-based neoprene" on the label. The shop owner (Chaunceys, OCMD) told me Rip Curl has been using it for a couple years now. I would assume that the "quick dry" marketing for the F-Bomb is also based on the limestone properties, but didnt look.

I ended up buying the Xcel Infinity 4/3 and its super buttery neoprene...easily lightest, softest and supple ive seen yet, but sure enough say's "limestone" on the label.

Anyone know whats up? Are Rip and Xcel buying the yamamoto stuff from Japan for their top line wetsuits.