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Thread: Sorry Guys!

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    That's a low blow with the jersey shore comment. But honestly thats great that you have warm water and good waves. I don't see why you cant be happy for a fellow surfer. I know I am

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    Quote Originally Posted by njsurf159 View Post
    I don't see why you cant be happy for a fellow surfer. I know I am
    People don't hate the guy... they hate the attitude.

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    Looks like Carolina Beach will be fun today. Saw 5 out already on the web cam. I can't get there until next weekend which means it will either be flat or a washing machine when I get there.

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    I would like to chime in from SNC. It was ok yesterday. Yes we had waves, yes there was tons of small bikinis on the beach, but it wasn't that great. The last time I got solid waves, it wasn't even our region. I haven't put fins in my reg shortboard since Nica in August. My longboard logs in more time than anything. I would much rather gear up the whole 9 yards and get some Jersey Juice over thigh high warmer waves than we get here. Just sayin.
    PS- I would love to get NY ave in AC on a solid swell and link together than fun a$$ left. We don't have anything here like that wave!

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    i like surfing in the winter. the cold water is good for you

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    VB is about 50 right now. This time last year it was sub 40. Sh*t's cray.

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    go get eaten by a tiger shark.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by primo View Post
    You are def more of a man then me in your 5/4/3! Next time you don't make the drop and eat **** think of me. Also try to get a job this year and move out of your parents basement.

    Ask your mom if she can wash my booties cause they reek!
    You had a great session and all you can do is rub it in our faces...your doing something wrong down there...maybe your lonely, need a hug?

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    CB WAS NOT THE CALL THIS AM. Should have hit WB or Topsail. I was out at CB between the Tiki and the Pipe from about 7:30 until 9:30. There were some decent ones out there but you had to find them. Steep beach, no bank and high tide = killer backwash.

    Still fun and only a couple people out, just didn't get my normal wave count. Still wearing booties...

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    Sorry for the attitude guys. This winter has just been brutal with hardly any swells, but unusually warm weather. Guess you can't have both. Anyway, anybody who knows the east coast knows we get **** for waves down here. I mean OBX is good but 4 hrs away, and there are some undisclosed places that are fun but swells come in and leave so fast. I'm originally a yankee and surf up north is really good. My sis used to live in Long Beach, LI and that place pumps. Jersey straight up thumps like the Outer Banks. Just picked up Dark Fall DVD. That **** cray! But I came to school down here and once you see the women and feel the weather, I don't think anyone would ever want to leave.

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