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    That is a cool looking old board. How will you go about cleaning it up? I picked up a beat up Mctavish and scrubbed it down with Goo Gone and a nylon pot scrubber before I could get a look at the cracks and repair it. Seemed to work. Wondering how others deal with cleaning old board finds.

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    i was going use wax remover and maybe the pickle. the black stuff on top looks more like tar or something so i'll also be using goof off.

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    I knew both Martens & Davis...It was primarily a Scuba Dive shop on Colley Ave just down from the bridge doing certs and a full line of Scuba Pro and US Divers equipment...Pretty sure one of them was instramental in developing UDT diving techniques and the aqualung for the US Navy...I bought a Yater spoon in 1964 and a Yater ruff deck pocket rocket from them in '67...They also had a Skate Team and I road a Hobie with them...Also sold Con and Surfboard Hawaii, not sure about their own label...Good dudes treated the groms with respect.