So I've about had it with this flat spell and ready to throw the credit card or dip into the savings account for a trip south in May or August. I've not taken a solo surf trip since '05 (and I was going with my wife's brother at the time so of course that made it different). I have no friends that surf and most of the people I associate with play golf etc...Anyone ever pack your bags, surf your brains out and return in a week? What was your wife's response? What was your reasoning for doing it, and how did you pull it off without living in a tent in the backyard when you returned. *Footnote* I'm by no means rich but have no debt, a little money in the bank so throwing down 3 grand on a trip would not make or break me. (I know that would be a point of argument for my wife as money always seems to be an issue for a lot of people when paying the bucks for a good travel experience. Comments? Advice?