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Thread: Waves 3/29

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    Waves 3/29

    Hopefully everyone on long island got waves today they were pumping all day.
    I myself did two sessions, one am, one pm, and man did I get shacked.

    Hopefully I am not the only one who enjoyed today's waves. Body boarding, or surfing

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    Mar 2012
    Yup - you and all the lego sized characters from long beach to montauk.

    glad to hear you enjoyed it.

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    The swell was a pretty good size, some coming through were head high.

    There is a nice sandbar at the spot me and my friends were surfing, and surprisingly there were only the 3 of us out there

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    what part of the island? It was basically flat on the western area of LI....

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    Capo Beach
    There was a little something in LB early yesterday morning. Not head high, but waist to chest with very occasional plus (maybe shoulder) sets.

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