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    another thing, if you're on an SUP and aren't that good be careful. rincon gets super crowded but is gringo'd up enough. if you head to aguadilla or to the north coast with it. you may get hassled if you don't know what you're doing. if you try to take more waves than you should (at jobos, that can pretty much be every set wave), they will probably call you out of the water. you'll probably be okay but fair warning if the boys are in the water. if you get called out..leave. no lip just hit the road.

    one of the real concerns you should have is driving. it can be pretty balls to the walls and anything goes type a deal. be super vigilant and charge. watch out for death potholes..especially that **** on the 110 by the hp plant. you'll get full on airborne on that one. also locating surf spots can be a hassle if you dont know how to get there... especially in aguadilla.
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