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    ok, lets see if you pass the litmus test.

    Where do you go surfing? Is it at a more crowded / popular spot?

    Surf in the winter? Are you a "local" anywhere?

    After you catch a wave, and there are others in the line-up, what do you do?

    Can you turn that thing? Can you even feel the ocean through that 5" of composite decking?

    Could you slam on brakes or turn direction in an instant? If you have to bail, what do you do? Simply stepping off the back and hoping the leash works out is a good way to take someones head off, is my point. If I let my short board get away from me it only weighs like 8 pounds. Your SUP weighs 40.

    And the crummy short boarders are only fooling themselves, they actually don't get any waves. All sup riders get waves, the ones that can pull an evasive maneuver and the ones that will yard sale all over everyone.

    stereotypes are based on reality. It does suck that the masses have ruined it for you, but hey, you could always get a nice meaty retro shorty that will paddle a bit easier, life's not over yet!
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