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    Andrew, you have got to be the most stuck up, elitist little s**t on this forum. Keep up the good work putting a few animals about the lives of human beings--I know it's easy for you since they are in a different state and Southerners. I know you don't care about the locals because you don't see them as intelligent as you are and they are dirty from working with their hands--eeeewwwwww. But, they did just fine before idiots like you decided in your self-righteousness that you had the upper ground and can tell them what to do with THEIR resources (which were put aside for RECREATION in the first place)

    Hey, I bet you are elated that Cape Hatteras Point is closed now. Those dirty rednecks in Hatteras village don't really need the money that comes from the hordes of surf fishermen this time of year to fish the blue, drum and speck run. They can just go find something else to do, right? Like get a little bio degree and live in Wilmington effen Delaware, right? Hell, doesn't matter to you as long as you can still drive on hwy 12 and get to the few places you surf down there, right?

    Andrew, I need help, I don't know if I can go through life anymore without someone as right and intelligent as you telling me what is good and bad for the area I live in! Please, come down and tell me to my face how to live my life!

    Maybe you will change your mind one day when they come out with a 4x4 Volt....

    One quick question: Do you play golf?
    Maybe you should take the advice someone gave me on this forum when I was ranting about coastal golf courses: Save the world, kill yourself.
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