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    5'4'' round nose fish

    I was looking at a little round nose fish, similar to what I'd seen in lost' 5'5''x19 1/4. It's a standard thruster fin set up instead of twinner. I think the dimensions were 5'4''x19 7/8 x 2 1/4. I'm 5'8'' and weigh right around 150. That little board looks really fun but I'm curious if that's enough volume for an intermediate surfer of my size? Thanks.

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    probably enough volume for your weight, maybe not in winter. but their is more surface area so the 2 1/4 is distributed more along the entire board, also the board has a more fuller outline compared to say a HPSB. so their is more cubic liters of volume in a fish than a shortboard. hope this helps

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    more then enough...can probably even drop down to 2.13 and get away with it

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    You'll be good year round with those dimensions if it's a fish type shape. I have a Lost RNF 5'5"x19 1/4"x2 3/8" that I use year round. Floats great in the winter even in full gear, a really fun small wave board. I'm 5'9" 145lbs.

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