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Thread: Dent in deck

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfsolo View Post
    Then syringe method should work for you. GL!
    is that what it sounds like? inject epoxy into the delam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eastend View Post
    is that what it sounds like? inject epoxy into the delam?
    Yep, and make sure it is dry before you do so....even if it means laying the board indoors for a month. Inject then place weight on top and let cure for at least 24 hours. In a few days it'll be rdy to surf again after injection.

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    The syringe method works well, just make sure you leave an exit hole for excess to squeeze out of.

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    Join a forum and first two posts are on threads 3 years old. That's classy

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    Delams happen, and they are a bit harder to repair correctly and nicely.

    If you know of a 'good' shop to take it to- go for it, just make sure you know what kind of work they go there- or they could butcher your board.

    There are a few methods- try to search on the forum, they have been talked about many times before.

    1. syringe injection- yes, you got it. you need to make 2 slits- one to inject into to- the other to work the resin toward and allow air out. then weigh it down. its a pain. tip: make sure you have a good big sized syringe. a small turkey baster works.

    2. cut out the delam and re fiberglass it. probably the strongest method, but much more time.

    3. vacuum bag it- my fav- basically the inject method, but using a vacuum and a bag to suck the fiberglass back onto the board to dry- instead of a weight. gives it an even adhesion

    4. start using your foot on duck dives... hard habit to break using the knee

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    Front foot deck pads!

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    You don't sound like you are a pro at repairs, just take it to the damn shop.

    Tread done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eastend View Post
    Hey, I have a dent in the deck of my 6'2" Fackton, itís growing too! How can I fix this? when the board is air temp the fiberglass is de-laminated from the foam underneath, and when I go out and surf it seems like the fiberglass attaches again, not sure whatís going on with it but it needs to be fixed this is my second board that has done this.
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