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Thread: neck rash

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    I believe Belly Jelly is out of biz.
    I use KY Warming, esp in the dead of winter.

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    wonder if it would be too tight around honey-boo-boo's mom's 5 necks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJGOOFYFT View Post
    I have used Vaseline to protect against wetsuit rashes since the late 70's with no problem/damage to the suit.
    me too.

    Anyways, neoprene really only lasts a couple years (unless you're riding your suit to the duct tape and holes stage), so the rest of the suit will start ripping well before vaseline would even begin to cause any problems

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    Accessories are playing a big role to complete any fashion. Without it we can't assume fashion. Nowadays you can easily find it whether in normal life every one like to use extra accessories neck less and other also. I also like to use it with my favorite outfit sarees. And this is i thing one of the best combination after doing it.

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    I use Ultraglide to care for any rashes. Get it at any sport store. Works great!

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    I use a little Banana Boat deep tanning oil (SPF 15) on my head (I am bald), my neck and face and a little on my underarms and lats. I've never had a problem with wetsuit rash since doing so, and it keeps my head and face from getting burned. Pura vida!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dudeman View Post
    do not ever use VASELINE on a wetsuit. Remember that time you used vaseline and a condom when you were banging your girlfriend?....and now you have a kid? Same thing will happen. Sort of. Not the best example. But petroleum products will degrade rubbers including synthetics like neoprene, so don't do it.
    Hilarious! thank you!

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    last time I checked, wetsuit necks weren't .05 mm thick.

    Vaseline wouldn't do anything noticeable before the rest of the suit dies a natural death.