So I have been surfing on a Kechele formula 4 the last few months. Took the board to Kauai, Ireland, and Rincon.

In Kauai, the board was ****ing unstable as ****. Met up with a pro, she said to not ride the board so heavy front footed. I did that, and that seemed to work for a few hours (4 -5 foot waves in Hanalei).

The next day, I head to beach break in Tunnels. THe same **** again. Wasn't riding the board as heavy, the board was just freaking unstable (8-9 foot beach break). I swapped the fins out , for some smaller fins in the back. This worked a bit, but again,unstable off the lip.

Go to ireland, run into Carissa Moore. She puts me on these K2.1 fins, and that seems to work, but now the board doesn't have as much drive .

What is the optimum quad setup that people use? Or should Quad just be used as east coast board only?