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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahady Surfboards View Post
    It was a lot of fun seeing everyone at Greenlight, the boys did a great job on the Mexican blanket glassing demo, glad to see people supporting Brian, Andrew, Kevin and Matt.
    It wouldn't have been a party without you and Tyler!

  2. It definitely was a lot of fun, great to see some familiar faces as well.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the glassing demo and congratulations to the winner!

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    This is what happens after a party downstairs. Little out of the box group design theory leads to the birth of the MEGA SIMMONS! Inspired by a broken SUP blank we just got in from a shipment of US blanks. What else were we gonna do with it? Everyone gets a turn shaping it!

    Shape Your Surfing Experience
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    The Greenlight party was good times with good people! No shoes while glassing and no mask while shaping, next time it's BYO PPE.

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