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    Yea it seems a small number ruin it for the rest, like with alot of things! I mean there are a**holes everywhere you go, whether they are surfing or bodyboarding respect is what divides it up to me.

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    In Ocean City MD, i only disliked bodyboarders after 530 PM when the lifeguards left. Even though I knew the logic was wrong I thought "you guys have all day to do your thing, now is ours". That is a non issue down south though.
    Other than that just being bitter that they can catch pretty much anything they paddle for, and it's takes less skill.
    But I would always try to remind myself to chill out. The bottom line is to be open to anyone who is in the water enjoying it.
    Also, don't call it Surfing. It's not, it's bodyboarding, or boogieboarding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourdirtymomma View Post
    Where's the like button? +5
    On Facebook. This is SwellInfo.

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    this thread has stayed shockingly civil...i'm impressed.

    i really don't care about body/boogie boarders one way or the other...i'm sure they have fun doing what they do & the few i've really shared the line up w/ were respectful & didn't drop in on each other (w/ the exception of a boatload of brazilian bodyboarders i came across in the maldives...but i think that was more b/c they were brazzos, not b/c they were spongers.)
    there are only 2 crafts i have really issues w/ being in the line up: SUPs & kayaks. i evaluate those on a case by case basis & there's a guy who surfs a kayak at my home break fairly regularly (he's not local, but he's there pretty frequently) & pretty much rips on it. he's also a disabled war vet who used to surf...b/c of his injuries, he can no longer surf, so a kayak is his only option. he's a really awesome guy.
    i have yet to share the line up w/ a SUP that was genuinely competent & not a danger to others in the water.

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    Cool why surfers hate body boarders? well....

    1) theyre gay as ****
    2) they don't do anything on waves; they lay there like "yaaahhh" and do barrel rolls on a wave that someone on a surfboard could have made much better use of
    3) Anyone can do barrel rolls and airs on boggie boards. I surf, and i remember being 8 years old on a bodyboard doing barrelrolls like it was nothin. Honestly its boring
    4) bodyboarders are gay as ****
    5) it takes less skill to get bareled on bodyboards, so when a body boarder is balls deep in a tube people who are surfing are like "look as that *** layin there, a surfer deserves to be in there"
    6) requires less body stregnth/stamina cause they cheat and use fins; people would look at surfers like queers if they had webbed finger gloves (whish are for out of shape old men)
    7) they usually bodyboard cause they could not surf if their life depended on it
    8) their friends surf and its just their excuse to go to the beach/ wear surf company clothing
    9) they are just annoying; imagine dropping in on a surfboard and just laying down the whole wave without standing up, so boring.

    10) any bodyboarder with a camera that is filming surfers will be respected
    "hey man sick barrel roll, btw did u get that last revo?, word take my email and send me that footage, thanks man, sick bodyboard its SOO COOL, how does it work, send me that footage tho"

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    boogie boarding

    I started out boogie boarding in OCMD which was really fun. This was right before Jay Reale blew up as the 1st pro body boarder from the East Coast. Emond was killing it too plus many others. I got a lot of wave knowledge out of that time in my life. I even took it to Surfer's Beach in Eleuthra. After that though I had to man up and stand up. Never went back. Its like snowboarding and skiing. Once you make the switch, never look back.

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    ^you're right: bodyboarding is to surfing as snowbarding is to skiing.

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    Good one!!. I hate Bodyboarders!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccarrithers View Post
    they dont realise they can go to any beach. all they do is get in the way and think they are the ruler of the beach.
    it's the same way in MD. when the lifeguards are out, there are only one or two surf beaches. but us bodyboarders can ride all day. in terms of realizing we can go to any beach.... yes, we can. but for those of us who quote "know what we are doing" we go to the beaches where the surf is the best.. just like any other surfer. furthermore, i have never thought i was the ruler of the beach. the ocean is a big place, and we are all there for the same reason. most of the guys I ride with (and its a decent crowd) are surfers, and they dont seem to get so bent about us spongers in the water. simply put, stop making generalizations about fellow wave riders, and have a good time.

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    the ocean seems bigger because youre floating around on smaller piece of foam on your tummy or with one knee up