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  • No! Sharks!

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    Sometimes I like to surf alone if its like anything from 2 foot to 5 foot I surf alone, But anything bigger I like to bring a friend or I surf with my friends "Crew" . They always Inv me too surf ahaha. But I always end up surfing alot better when I'm alone though .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    on big days, i prefer company (not that its usually a problem to find others)... on small or average size days, I find it nice to be out there by myself at times.
    Same here... I surfed this morning at Naval alone for over an hour in 2-4ft semi-chop, fun conditions. Quite peaceful just me the waves and local wildlife.

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    i usually always surf alone where i go...i dont mind a small crowd of a few guys.i look at it like i dont go in the ocean and surf with others,to be safe.i rely on myself to make it in.i know my limits and if im in over my head,il stay on the beach and take flix.surfing alone is cool,nobody to bust your balls when you dont land the trick youv been working on.plus nobody snaking,or dropping in.im as peaceful a person can be,but i had to punch a few guys out who think they are notorious and can take everywave that comes in!!surf alone and have no problems

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    I love a good solo session at first light. Something about watching the sun rise over the ocean with nobody around, so peaceful.

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    Don't mind surfing alone. But also don't mind if there's 2 or 3 other guys out there. Just feel a little bit better knowing someone's watching just incase. Don't really like to be out there by myself when it's an overcast type day that's when my head plays games with me no idea why

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    I generally surf alone, but enjoy meeting new people and hanging out in the lineup. I think it all depends. Fortunately, there are more popular spots than where I go, and most of the negativity follows the popularity. Love hearing new ideas and peoples' surfing tips and experiences.

    "Surf well, spread Aloha, Share waves without judgement."----Surfer's Memorial at Tourmaline Canyon Surfing Park

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    I love surfing alone...but not in an antisocial way, it's a blast to share a peak with a couple people. Seems like most of the time I'm alone, I end up catching some of my best rides.

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    i'm usually alone,because no one else comes here except summer or weekends in the spring/fall.sometimes people are a distraction,but other times it pushes me more.

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    I usually have more fun surfing with a close friend or two. However, I think the question is somewhat ambiguous.
    Do I like to surf when I'm the only one out as far as the eye can see? Not really anymore since it usually means it's so small I should be fishing.
    Do I like to paddle out alone into a crowded lineup? Hell no, it's much better to have a couple friends with you so you can block for each other and create some space for yourselves in the crowd.
    The last time I remember surfing alone when the waves were all-time was Christmas Day around '94 at Crystal in WB. Much better than the swell we got a couple weeks ago. Not a whole lot bigger, the sandbars were a lot better back then. Didn't see anyone paddle out near me for three hours--that never happens on WB these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourdirtymomma View Post
    Ironically, me too.....but not really anti-social, just anti-asshole
    Anti asshole.........I hear ya!!!!! It's nice to surf alone sometimes but I like to have a freind or two around as well!!