View Poll Results: Do you like to surf alone?

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  • Yes!

    102 58.96%
  • Sometimes

    48 27.75%
  • Only if I have to.

    21 12.14%
  • No! Sharks!

    6 3.47%
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    Jan 2010
    Jacksonville FL
    I did like surfing alone... then I moved to Jacksonville Fl last week... there is no such thing as surfing alone here... sheesh!!!!!!...but the waves were 2-4ish and clean today

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    Mar 2011
    Your Mother's basement
    are you even going to seriously ask this? yes i would much rather surf with your kook ass then by my self.

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    Dec 2010
    Virginia Beach
    since all of my friends who surf are in colleges out of state, i surf alone almost all year round. It's nice to be alone with my thoughts and if i want to talk to people i just do it out in the lineup. it's nice to meet new people who think mostly the same way you do.

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    surfing alone is like therapy to me. if the world is pissing me off i like to find an empty break and just relax in the water. i feel a million times better once im out. surfing is my therapy. I do enjoy surfing with friends however though. i have a friend from school i surf with on a weekly basis and we both have a blast surfing together even on the worst of days. besides, surfing with a friend reduces your chances of a shark attack by 50%!

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    Oct 2011
    i like the comraderie of surfing with a buddy or two, esp if its a road trip to an awesome break. i usually surf alone though and havnt surfed with a friend other than the people that were already in the line up since last september. like someone else said,i also tend to move down the beach a bit to an area where it may not be breaking as good just to avoid the typical kooks. im not anti-social but surfing solo is my zen and my way to detach myself from life and the world.

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    Sep 2011
    I have to surf with my crew. Period. End.

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    1 is the loneliest numbeeeerr.... XD

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    Surfing alone is great therapy. You can really connect back with nature. Surfing with buddies is also super cool.
    Coming out of a barrel to see a fist pumping, hooting friend who's paddling back out is priceless... not to mention the huge cutback you throw in his/her face.

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    Sep 2011
    would rather surf a crappier break alone then a good break with crowd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pyroarchy View Post
    I don't mind company at all, its safer with a friend. Like if a fish took a bite out of me or I hit my head on the sea floor in some overhead. I'd rather to live and surf another day than be by myself and wash up on shore and have some tourists poking at my corpse with a stick.
    Exactly, those sticks hurt. Better safe than dead.

    First choice is with a buddy. Keeps you safe, and in check so the 3-foot head dip doesn't become a 30 second barrel! Solo is a rarity these days, so I'll enjoy them too, when I can.