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Thread: Trunks?

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    I bare backed it on Saturday for 4 hours. Been out of a suit for about 3 weeks. For me, when the water gets in the 60's it's all about the air temperature determining my comfort level, plus the cold helps you burn off extra winter calories.
    I second that. I just ditched the rubber this week, feels so good.

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    my nips are in puhhhhhhhhainnnnnnnnnnnn!

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    i'm usually able to put trunks on in late may. by memorial day weekend. the last week or so the water is still a little cool maybe 60. a little bit cooler than it was the last 2 years at this time. i'm hoping to ditch the boots when i go out tomorrow. can't complain too much. in 09 i think it was? about 3 years ago i couldn't trunk it until late june. that year we had a way below average spring all the way until july. i couldn't even lose the trunks till like june 20th or something. maybe closer to the 25th. 23rd or something it sucked.