I realize most readers here do not kite surf, but I wanted to give J Ashton a shout out on the new board he shaped for me. <br /> I 've demoed many directional kitesurf boards from all of the big companies, and for the past three years, actually used regular surfboards to kite ( surftec CI Flyers ) . All work fairly well, but they all were lacking in one way or another. I wont go into specifics but the bottom line is , i wanted a board that works well on the wave , goes fast, and is conducive to kiting . All of those kite companies have yet to make a board that does that IMHO, especially for my weight, around 205 . <br /> Its only been in the last two years or so I 've acquired enough skill to actually know what I want in a wave board.<br /> So in my quest to find my \\\\\\\"dream\\\\\\\" board and support a local shaper I went to Ashton. We discussed in detail what I liked about my current boards, and what I wanted in my \\\\\\\"perfect \\\\\\\" board.....and he effin nailed it ! <br /> If any of you were around this weekend in the oc/azzt, md area , you saw the conditions...nasty and bumpy , but with a kite, one can get onto some killer waves and this board really killed it....the shape , rails, and volume are perfect. I guess these knarley-ass local shapers really do know their sheet !!! <br />