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    my commute is 1hour minumum and ive been getting out there every day since school let out

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    don't you need waves to surf? this winter was pretty flat
    I wasn't aware that you need waves to surf?

    I should have said on average, but regardless there is usually something to ride somewhere. This is the east coast, if you are nit picky on what your riding then your in the wrong place.
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    15 Mins......End of this year it'll be out the door and on the beach. Mostly just weekends during spring,summer and fall unless I get a rain day. I work Dark to dark....I dont work during the winter so I go every day there is surf.

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    3 hours, during the winter months Ill go 2x a month. During the summer time maybe once a month.

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    less than 5 minutes by bicycle here in CB, NC - i get in as often as possible, work permitting.

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    I'm in NJ. It's like an hour to my normal break. If the winds are coming hard from the north I'll head to Ocean City which is like 1.5 hours. I work 3:00-11:30 so I can go on dawn patrolls every day (waves permitting). I normally catch every clean swell waist high or over, which is (give or take) about twice a week.

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    i live in vt now ride in nj so a few times a year but make the most of itwhile im down

    used to live block and half from beach but ski racing got the best of me

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    when im at school its a depressing 2 hour ride to my local break. during the summer its a 5 minute bike ride. during school this year for a majority of the fall/winter i was getting in the water at least once a week. now that im home i get in every day regardless of how crappy it is

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    I live in Ridgewood Queens NY I take two buses to get to Rockaway beach its about a 45 mins to 1 hour ride depending on traffic

  10. For me an 1hr in half