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    The word "epic" gets thrown around a lot...but today was def EPIC. Like 30-40 winds started...rain dumping...head high wedges coming right off the jetty! At first it was just myself and 3 other guys...then the sun came out and the winds died out and the crowd came...but was still awesome.
    And on top of the sick perfect waves...we had a couple a super cool enforcers in the lineup. People were dropping in on each other like crazy and just totally messing waves up and seriously messing boards up...but the enforcers...one in particular...really helped out. A longboarder wasn't allowed back in the linup because he dropped in on someone and almost put the guy into the rocks. The enforcer was was super cool and made sure everyone that deserved the prime waves got them.
    Show respect...get it in return

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    SOUNDS EPIC!!!! Enforcers......

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    im reminded of monty python and the holy grail when the two peasants are debating about the 'king', then i imagine someone in the 'linup' referring to the enforcer who makes the rules and another guy goes 'well i didnt vote for him'. i am not a natural born leader myself and neither am i a follower but the OP seems to really be getting off on the fact that someone was there to be the boss and subjugate everyone including himself. annndddd REACT

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    pretty sure he's joking man

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    was this at the deal jetty by any chance

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