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    I had a similar epiphany. For the last four years that I've had it, I've been riding my longboard with a lone single fin, and last march I was cleaning out the car and found the side bites that came with it, I said what the heck and slapped them on and it made a world of difference. I can turn much smoother and casual and I don't bog down on the mushy stuff as much as I used to.

    I need to do more experimenting with fins
    It's been 4 years between car cleanings? I thought I was a dirty kid but you're making me look like Martha Stewart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Oh yeah, I gotta get an MRI at 10:30am tomorrow (on a Sunday, seriously!) for a follow up on my bum knee. Get a sesh in early so I can lay in that tube for 30 without gettin' all twitchy. Prolly not gonna be layin' into any tubes on the reef, but hey you never know, the Red Sox won a world series, conditions could somehow miraculously improve. Anyway, I just don't want to go under the knife again, recovering from all this has been a long and harrowing road. Send some good vibes my way and wish me luck.

    Sending healing light and good vibe your way. Don't forget to do the same for yourself...imagine, see and believe that you are healing quick and strong. Also juice fresh vegies everyday! I'm 35 and healed a broken wrist in less than 5 weeks by doing all of the above. You can do it!