dude i was like totally surfing the other day between ****lands and bennyville,where i dropped in on this kook,and this dude totally tried to call me out.i was like hey brah,u drop in on me.he was like dude,im a beginner.so im like noooo wayy bra,beginners surf overthere.so he proceeds down the beach and im shreddin,hittin the lip,whippah u know...all of a sudden the kook makes his way back in my lineup,and im like brah, the pickle walked down to the store where he met a raisen.the raisen said hey brah it aint pickle season.so the pickle walked over to the bar and says the raisen told me it aint pickle season.bartender said what do you think.and the pickle said im goin surfinn dude.....figure that one out and youl figure what surfings really about!