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Thread: Crazy SUP

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    Crazy SUP

    You guys talk about the SUP's in the line up... over the weekend I was wakeboarding over in the Occoquan Bay, lots of cigarrette boats, leisure boats, and weekend warriors. As we were were cruising along, we see this SUP right out where everyone is cruising through. The guy was an idiot and also pretty lucky that he didn't get killed!! Had a couple boats cruise by doing at least 70 mph, speed bump...

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    SUP's must be the new jet ski. Even perfectly reasonable, intelligent individuals turn in to complete idiots when they step foot on one.

    (and no, I am not meaning this as a blanket statement for every person on a SUP or jet ski. I am referring to the almost certain likelihood of seeing someone doing something completely stupid on one)

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    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    well, according to the fed, SUKs are now considered small crafts if outside the surf zone. they're governed by the same laws & rules as boats...lifejackets, etc...presumably that means obeying water traffic regulations like staying between the navigational buoys.