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    To those in college or just starting a career: You don't have to make the really big bucks to have a great life. The key is to avoid debt like the plague, be thrifty, work hard and play hard. If you're careful with money you will retire a multi-millionaire earlier than most and live more than comfortably even if you have only earned an average income.
    I 100% agree, it wasn't until 2years after college that I realized I do not need to be making a ton of money to live the lifestyle that I desire. I believe that we, as americans, feel that we need to out-do one another through material items. Cars, houses, toys, etc. I bought a Jeep a few years ago, because I thought it would be cool to have one, and I wanted a vehicle that would take me anywhere. Now I have over 10 grand extra to pay back to a bank, which limits my chances to take trips in my Jeep. More debts= more work= less water time= less happiness.

    As of right now, I make roughly 45-50k a year, I live less than 10 minutes from 6 good waves and I have the ability to at least look at the ocean everyday. All of which I could still have without debt. I would much rather make a modest living and be able to surf and travel when I want, rather then make big money and have to give my life away to a company because I cant pull my head out of my ass and simplify my life.

    Now if you can make big money and still live the life you want, then you are onto something.
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