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    Poser Brands Trying to be Surf Companies?!?!?

    Anyone else bothered that brands like Vineyard Vines and Hollister and stuff like that are trying to pretend they're surf companies? I know this isn't all that new...but it's getting worse, and it's making me sick.. seems like all the advertisements have really "cliche" surf culture as a main theme.

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    Support your local brands.

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    Like Mahady Surfboards....and Greenlight in Manasquan. They are the real deal.

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    dumb thread .. you are an idiot . Vineyard vines was started by two guys who rejected the corporate culture , but now they have become successful they cant use surfing to promote their product , sorry your poor

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    I can't stand people that walk around with hollister shirts that say stuff like surf comp and they don't surf and they don't know anything about surfing.

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    Surfings the source. Of lot's of profit. If you don't dig it, toss all your Surfer mags an never watch the pro tour again. Never buy any brand name gear. Move to Hawaii, live in a tent and eat mangos, coconuts and fish. Surf every day on a board you carved out of Koa. You'll be the happiest cat in the world and i'll envy you. Surfing has been commoditized since the 50's. Don't sweat it, just paddle out. Get shacked, listen to Good Vibrations. People wearing surf fashion are hilarious, validates my innate sense of cool, har har. But, they ain't nearly as funny as 90% of the cats running around in Target Affliction and Tap-Out shirts, who've never broken a knuckle, blown out a knee, been blinded by their own blood or imposed their will on another human being. Or a wave. Just think something you can do, which very few people in the world can, inspires others. Not only that, but surfing has a positive effect on the world. That's cool. I love seeing people in surf gear. Way less agro than fight shirts.
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    the word poser usually is found coming out of the mouths of people who are more worried about how cool an activity is than actually just enjoying it

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    i mean if all the posers wear hollister... how will you distinguish yourself as one of the really real and for true chosen one surfer?

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    SURFING, because MMA is for f a g s....

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    Hollister is FUN. I love talking to people in Hollister Surf Team gear and make them very uncomfortable with such questions as 'What kind of Board to you ride? Does your 'team' compete in ESA comps? What's your favorite wax? etc etc. the reactions they give are so funny especially the ones who try to lie their way through the conversation.