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    Win a 7' odysea log!

    Enter to win a 7' soft board from catch surf, all you have to do is enter your email address. Simple and easy no serveys or anything.<br /><br /><br />

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    Come on guys. Enter for a chance to win it.

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    whats in it for you? free advertising? hahaha no.

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    Well every time you guys enter. I get 5 more entries. I'm broke and I need a board. Maybe this will work.

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    You could always go find some dinged up, delammed beater; patch her up water tight, ride it. If you live on the coast, where there's surf; ask around. I can almost guarantee that somebody's got a board lyin' around in their back yard or garage that they're never gonna ride again. It wont be pretty, but it'll be better than that foam internet junk, mostly 'cause you found her and fixed her up. Go to Walmart, buy the cheapest resin and fiberglass and 150 grit sand paper you can, slap iton there, sand it down. Who cares if you screwup? Little hard work and elbow grease will get you whatever you want in this world. Actually, a lot of hard work, but that's beside the point. Trust me on this one. Perseverence is how rivers carve canyons.