I have the opportunity to "deploy" with my job to Kabul, Afghanistan for 9 months to work on one of the military bases. I will be working as a civilian and won't have to leave the base unless I want to. The work will be 7 days a week with 1/2 days on Friday so I'll be making big time overtime and should bring in about 3 times my yearly pay in 9 months.

There is a lot of monetary benefits but also some big negatives. Only 1 R&R so I'll only be able to see my wife and baby (8 months) and the rest of my family once in 9 months but there is plenty of technology so we'll be able to communicate daily. Safety, rockets and mortars are a very real threat.

Mainly those two, I don't really care about the long hours and the potential to be debt free in less than a year and cash in the bank makes it seem worth it. Obviously, no surf but I'd be working out daily out of boredom and have $ to travel afterwards. It would be hardest on my wife as a psuedo-single mom.

Any thoughts? Especially if you've been over there before.