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Thread: Afghanistan

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    Correction....the offer was in Kuwait, after Desert bad.

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    Pm me... i know some really good reef and point break set ups over there. just got to watch out for taliban, land mines, and rockets in the line up

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    Making money is great and in the end you and your wife have to decide if it's worth it or not. Not sure how strong your marriage is or if there are trust issues but I'd be more worried about the potential fallout of not seeing the fam in person than of getting injured or killed especially since there is an 8 month involved. Personally I'd lose my mind if I thought I couldn't see my kid for 9 months. Also long distance puts a great strain on any relationship (I did it for a year but flew home every other week.) In the end I wouldn't do it since it's only money. That's my long worded 2 cents...