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    If I were you I'd buy a board on Craigslist and surf as much as possible. Scripps is good, but if you're brushing up on surfing starting on La Jolla shores is a good idea. Trail 4 at Sano state beach is pretty cool, but the plant is right there...

    Cool. Thanks Jason.

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    Tourmaline a.k.a. Old Man's. Hokey, touristy beach, I know; but I lived on Diamond for years, so it was my break. Stay in Pacific Beach if you can too. 100$ boards grow on trees in PB. Good bars, crappy over priced motels, gorgeous sunsets on the beach; gorgeous models on the beach, $500 hotel rooms if want 'em. Wish you could still crack a beer with your feet in the sand, but oh we'll.
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