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    Win a limited edition purple catch surf original beater board 54"

    Just type in your email address and you have entered to win super easy. I have seen this board online and it is sick dude.<br /><br />Just enter here! Super easy<br /><br />

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    Come on people lets get some entries.

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    Come on keep enterin!!!!!!!!

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    would love too... but don't have facebook...

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    The more the better

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    why would anyone want a 54" beater? thats 4'6".... plus its a beater....

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    The page tricks you into liking the page then subscribes you to it, SCAM!!

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    Their really fun to ride in slush and it's an all purpose board. It actually not a scam because actually won the odysea log board that I posted on here before.ill post pictures on here when the board comes in to show everyone it's not a scam.

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    It's a scam in the sense that you are basically asking people to sign up for spam. That's not nice. One very effective way to get what you want out of this life is to work hard for it. Hit the pavement and find a part time job. 8$ an hour at 20 hours a week is a 160$ before taxes. Call summer vacation 10 weeks, that's 1600$. You don't pay rent, you eat for free and you get rides from your 'rents; that's all money in your pocket dude. You could buy a sweet ride and still have 500$ in the bank at the end of the summer and still have time to surf everyday. I started mowing yards at 20$ a pop back in the early 90's when I was 12, I'd usually do about 5 or 6 a week. Had a regular client base 'cause I did a good job. Old people love kids who "show initiative and work hard." Best thing about it was, when I turned 16 I paid 3600$ cash for a sunrise red, gen I Rx-7. A car in HS is not a bad thing to have, trust me on this. I've paid neigbor kids to rake leaves or mow my lawn even though I actually enjoy it, just because I think it shows they have character and they had the guts to ask if they could. C'mon man, get your hustle on. There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.
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    Yeah I get what your saying and I also tried to mow lawns, wash cars, and shovel snow, by putting flyers out and everything, but these days its hard because no one takes a 13 year old seriously and everyone around goes with the neighborhood lawn lawn and landscaping service for everything, but thanks for the advice.