Your Help Is Needed Today!
The Coastal Conservation Association of North Carolina strongly objects to the recent off road vehicle (ORV) restrictions and resource “buffers” for Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area (CHNSRA) imposed by the National Park Service (NPS). For more than half a century the recreational fishing public, as well as general beach users, has had free and open access to CHNSRA beaches. We need YOUR help to pass H.R. 4094. Introduced in the US House of Representatives, this bill will restore the previous “interim rules” and allow year-round access to the general public. This vote is scheduled for the House floor on Tuesday, June 19. Take action NOW!

As it currently stands, CHNSRA access will now be held hostage by the NPS. The decision to implement these restrictions has been from baseless science promoted by a few misguided environmental groups. These groups have misrepresented the facts, in this instance, by citing successful nesting of birds and turtles when compared to years when major storms destroyed their nests. In fact, there has never been any indication that ORVs were a major cause of harm to these animals.

Please take a moment and click below to send a note to your elected officials asking their support of HR 4094 and voicing your support for the National Park Service to restore access to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreation Area to its original intent, year round access by all citizens. Further, send this note on to all of your friends who want free and open beaches in our Outer Banks.

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-This is one for the books: CCA is finally coming around and seeing the unintended consequences of many agendas they have been pushing for decades. Funny, I decided two years ago to never renew my membership with them.... I am now renewing today.

Oyster Catcher and Plover woowoos need not post....