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    i want to say that
    During the last two or three years I've noticed two distinct directions in the conservatory furniture trends.

    1. A revival of modern furniture (strong colors and fabrics, simple lines, smart proportions) which is rather dull if not adjusted carefully to the light.

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    thats fine I leave my longboard outside. its just a log. no biggy. all my shortboards are inside. ive been doing this for years. the board surfs just as good as ever. it needs to be water tight obvioussly

    Quote Originally Posted by kosturzr View Post
    Hi everyone,

    I'm a surfer living in Brooklyn, New York and I'm desperately looking for an affordable way to store a longboard here for occasional use. I've got no room inside our building and locker storage is really expensive. I'm thinking about storing the board out back behind our building.

    It would need to be locked for security and weatherproof as it would be outside year-round. Is it sufficient to store it outside in a typical board bag, elevated off the ground a bit, and locked with a board lock to the building? I suspect the board bag would take a beating, but would the board suffer at all? I wouldn't think so, but I've never stored a board outside and haven't seen any posts or articles that talk about doing it outside some sort of shed or enclosure.

    Any thoughts? Or do you know of any special products for this purpose?

    Many Thanks,
    Brooklyn, NY

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    I store mine on a rack in the garage. I would worry about mold leaving it outside.

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    Store mine in detached garage. Gets about 38f at the coldest, never freezing. Never had a problem. I would rather hang it inside, but it's too damn ugly after all these years.

    I would be concerned about it being below freezing for a extended period of time.

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    I always keep my boards in garage, if it gets really cold this winter could that do anything to board interegity? My LB may be tough to store safely out of way of kids.