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Its called stripping off the glass, I've never heard it called delam. Delam is a whole other issue.

Here's how I did it. Circular saw, masonry blade (sruper tiny teeth) set the cut depth to about 1/4 inch. Run the saw back and forth from nose to tail each groove about two inches apart and just deep enough to get through the glass and hit the foam. Also hit the nose and rails. The glass will peel off the blank like a banana peel and if you set the depth correctly you will just have a bunch of shallow groove lines that will sand right out.
Yeah, I'd always heard it referred to as "stripping the glass" as well, but I figured I'd stick with the nomenclature of the original poster for continuity's sake. I’m definitely familiar with de-laminated boards. I was ridin’ my beater long board last night, waiting for my other stick to dry out so that I could patch a ” ding on the nose. Half the deck on that thing doesn’t even stick to the glass. Still rides okay if you’re sentimental and I keep it for visitors and ding repair days. On that note, how long do any of you Pros wait for your board to dry out before patching a ding? I wait 3 days, I have no basis for choosing this number, just one I pulled out of the air many years ago.

I really only know two shapers personally and as far as I know, neither of them refinish old boards, they just make new ones. Thanks for the info, as a hobbyist, I'm gonna stick to making a board or two a year under the direct supervision of a master and keepin’ the ones I’ve got water tight.