I was down in Lilí Manila on Sat. getting an adjustment from my wifeís cousin the chiropractor. Guy has a real talent for cracking necks, but is out of work at the moment so he was working on me at his momís house. We started talking about surfing and he mentioned that he had one of my Father In Lawís (FIL) old boards out in the garage so we go out to look at it. Heíd gotten it second hand from the FILís personal quiver. Funny thing is, Iíve got a FILís cast off that is exactly the same board except for graphics and what not. Anyway, sitting out next to this old beater was a Clark Foam Blank in perfect shape. I didnít pull it down to see the makerís marks, but I figure itís gotta be either a 6í8íP or a 6í9ĒA. All I know is Iíve been looking for an excuse to shape a fish or quad all summer, canít think of a better one than finding an old Clark that hasnít been marked up 1000% at Mitchís. Only thing standing in my way is the wifeís Aunt, woman is a hoarder. Getting the blank out of her is going to be like pulling teeth, just have to convince her somehow.