So get this. Spent the entire weekend painting in no air conditioning 100 degree heat and by 5 pm tonight (Sunday) I needed a swim in the ocean soo insanely bad.

Round up my 2 kids and get to Long Branch and we're in the water when guards pull up about 6 pm and order everyone out of the water. No swimming after hours in response to recent drownings. I asked the guard, "So the ocean's closed?" "Yeah, pretty much," he said. You can now only swim between 10 am and 5 pm.

I was so friggin' livid on so many levels I can't even go into it. But I wonder what the legality of this is? Are other towns doing this now? There are drownings ever year. They never did this. There are fatal accidents on the highways every day. They don't close them. Seriously, I can't take it any more.