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    Quote Originally Posted by meatloaf View Post
    i buy only japanese made boards, hand made and shipped for $350 a piece.

    that is funny becuase a glassing job in Japan cost 600.00 buck and boards cost 1200.00 so i call BS

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    Thanks for the invite, I'd love to check out a production surfboard factory. I've seen CNCs mill about everything but a surfboard. What are your Hours of Operation, your website doesn't say? It also says Oahu, nice. I'm still gonna advocate the purchasing of hand shapes from your local crafter and I don't live in O'side, you're right everybodys gotta feed the fam. Nocounty, but not Oceanside, and I live a peddle awy from guys who shape and gots fams too. N' mom n' pop surf shops filled with their boards. I surf with these guys and their wives and their kids. You got me pegged on the whole shaping more than I ever want to thing though, man that's hard work. I'm fundamentally a very lazy human being. If it's not fun, i dont want to do it. I get to pretend that I know how to make surfboards once or twice a year 'cause I married someone who does' daughter. It's a hoot. I do love me some technology though, saves me from diggin holes for a livin. Good luck to ya', I'm not hatin' just shoutin' out for the guys who don't have CNC mills, CAD programs and next day shippin'.
    I am in Cali now for the summer, and i don't have office hours, just call and set a time, like i said i surf, further more i am not some Hippster cool shaper dude new to this, and i am not some rich Trust-A-Farian homo , so keep it real and let's surf in the future .
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